About Us

About Us

The Peet's Labor Union is a democratic, rank-and-file led organization dedicated to fighting for better pay, safety on the job, and a powerful voice in the decisions that affect every one of us. 

At Peet's Labor Union, we stand united as workers from Peet's Coffee, determined to create a better future for ourselves and our fellow employees. When it came to selecting a union to represent us, we carefully considered our options and ultimately chose the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Here's why:

A Tradition of Empowering Workers

The IWW has a rich history of championing the rights of workers and fighting for their empowerment. From its inception in 1905, the IWW has consistently prioritized the interests and well-being of workers across industries. This legacy resonates deeply with us as we strive to reclaim our voice and assert our rights within the coffee industry.

Rank-and-File Leadership

One of the core values of the IWW is rank-and-file leadership. This means that decisions and actions are driven by the workers themselves, rather than being dictated from the top down. We firmly believe that we, the workers, should have direct control over the issues that affect us daily. By aligning with the IWW, we ensure that our collective voice is heard, and our concerns are effectively addressed.

Union Democracy

The IWW upholds the principles of union democracy, encouraging active participation from all members. Every worker has an equal say in the decision-making processes, ensuring that our union remains transparent, inclusive, and accountable. We wanted a union that values the diverse perspectives and experiences of all its members, and the IWW's commitment to democratic practices aligns perfectly with our vision.

Solidarity Across Industries

Peet's Labor Union believes in the power of solidarity. By joining the IWW, we connect with workers from various sectors, forming a broader network of support and collective action. This solidarity extends beyond the walls of our coffee shops, encompassing warehouse and roastery workers, as well as workers across the industry. Together, we can advocate for meaningful change that benefits all workers involved in the coffee supply chain.

Making a Nationwide Impact

Our decision to join the IWW is part of a larger nationwide organizing campaign. We recognize that our struggle for better working conditions is not limited to our individual locations but is shared by workers across the country. By aligning ourselves with the IWW, we tap into a network that can mobilize resources, expertise, and solidarity to effect significant change on a broader scale.

Choosing the Industrial Workers of the World as our union demonstrates our commitment to reclaiming our rights, creating safer and more equitable workplaces, and fostering a sense of empowerment among all workers. Together, we will continue to fight for better working conditions, fair treatment, and worker autonomy not only within Peet's Coffee but across the industry as a whole.